how to use logmein
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open with Internet Browser.

login in to the web site with email address and password which I provided as below.

When you use logmein first time, you will be asked to install Active X program.

Please install ActiveX control to use the logmein feature.

Once you logged in, list of computer you could access will be shown in the site.

Click [Remote Control] icon which you want to use remote access

You will be asked user name and password for accessing resources of your office.

Provide your own user name and password of office credentials to login the PC.

You will see screen of remote access server.

Depend on the bandwidth of internet line or performance of the PC, the speed of using remote computer is very different than the speed of using local computer.

Before explain him and have him to use, using and testing the speed of remote access from remote location is strongly recommanded.

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